The main board is based on a

Raspberry 4 Pi

We are also pursuing development on a Jetson Nano board which integrates a powerful GPU specifically designed for artificial intelligence


This Hardware is connected to an USB ultrasonic microphone Ultraimc384K .

Additional HW: •micro SD card, 4G USB card, temperature and humidity sensors.


A high quality external antenna is the right choice if you want to grab the results of the classifier from the web. •The power is supplied by a battery pack composed by 3 rechargeable LiIon 18650 batteries and a custom board with a switching voltage regulator generating the 5 Volts 4A required for the whole system.

Moreover the custom board provides a wakeup based on programmed scheduling.

For long term deployment a solar panel can be added and this will provide the power for the board and for the recharging of external batteries.

Cloud Services

Our device offers several ways of getting data displayed in near real-time on the internet using a cloud service such as ThingSpeak. In this instance, as seen above, data is transmitted via the onboard LoRa radio transmitter to our local gateway 14 km away. The gateway then relays the data to the cloud via The Things Network (TTN). The TTN is free to use if the data is not too ‘heavy’ and ThingSpeak is currently free for the first year, with a 70 Euro charge for every subsequent year. Here is one of our own ThingSpeak pages, with can be seen changing in real time when the device is in use:

The top two graphs are displaying temperature and humidity, the next two represent species detected and number of audio events and lastly we have an easy to read Pie chart representing species and number of audio events and a graph showing battery volts. At 10 volts, the device will shut itself down to protect the batteries from damage.

For more detailed data transmit, the device can also be equipped with a 4G modem and antenna which can upload high resolution spectographs and detailed .csv files to the ‘net. In areas of poor signal strength, the antenna can be mounted at the top of a 6m pole.